some XMosaic questions (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 93 14:59:17 -0500
From: (Marc Andreessen)
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To: Bill Janssen <>
Subject: some XMosaic questions
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Bill Janssen writes:
> 1)  How does one fetch a binary or postscript file to a local file,
> using XMosaic?  My postscript viewer doesn't let me save the viewed file
> to another file...

One doesn't, yet -- or one gets a better PostScript viewer :-).  As
the docs say, the "multimedia" support in there now is a hack and will
be better in the future.

> 2)  Has anyone put together a set of Emacs-style keybindings for the
> Motif widgets?  Is it even possible?

From the ol' Motif FAQ....

Subject: 41) Is there an emacs binding for the text widget?

Answer: This set is due to Kee Hinckley (

*XmText.translations: #override\n\
        Ctrl <Key>b:            backward-character()\n\
        Alt <Key>b:             backward-word()\n\
        Meta <Key>b:            backward-word()\n\
        Shift Alt <Key>b:       backward-word(extend)\n\
        Shift Meta <Key>b:      backward-word(extend)\n\
        Alt <Key>[:             backward-paragraph()\n\
        Meta <Key>[:            backward-paragraph()\n\
        Shift Alt <Key>[:       backward-paragraph(extend)\n\
        Shift Meta <Key>[:      backward-paragraph(extend)\n\
        Alt <Key><:             beginning-of-file()\n\
        Meta <Key><:            beginning-of-file()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>a:            beginning-of-line()\n\
        Shift Ctrl <Key>a:      beginning-of-line(extend)\n\
        Ctrl <Key>osfInsert:    copy-clipboard()\n\
        Shift <Key>osfDelete:   cut-clipboard()\n\
        Shift <Key>osfInsert:   paste-clipboard()\n\
        Alt <Key>>:             end-of-file()\n\
        Meta <Key>>:            end-of-file()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>e:            end-of-line()\n\
        Shift Ctrl <Key>e:      end-of-line(extend)\n\
        Ctrl <Key>f:            forward-character()\n\
        Alt <Key>]:             forward-paragraph()\n\
        Meta <Key>]:            forward-paragraph()\n\
        Shift Alt <Key>]:       forward-paragraph(extend)\n\
        Shift Meta <Key>]:      forward-paragraph(extend)\n\
        Ctrl Alt <Key>f:        forward-word()\n\
        Ctrl Meta <Key>f:       forward-word()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>d:            kill-next-character()\n\
        Alt <Key>BackSpace:     kill-previous-word()\n\
        Meta <Key>BackSpace:    kill-previous-word()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>w:            key-select() kill-selection()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>y:            unkill()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>k:            kill-to-end-of-line()\n\
        Alt <Key>Delete:        kill-to-start-of-line()\n\
        Meta <Key>Delete:       kill-to-start-of-line()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>o:            newline-and-backup()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>j:            newline-and-indent()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>n:            next-line()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>osfLeft:      page-left()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>osfRight:     page-right()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>p:            previous-line()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>g:            process-cancel()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>l:            redraw-display()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>osfDown:      next-page()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>osfUp:        previous-page()\n\
        Ctrl <Key>space:        set-anchor()\n

! If you'd like the Delete key to work like backspace instead of deleting
! backwards, add the following definition to the lines above.
!       <Key>osfDelete: delete-previous-character()\n\

! These aren't included because they could intefere with
| menu accelerators (or vice versa)
!       Alt <Key>p:             backward-paragraph()\n\
!       Meta <Key>p:            backward-paragraph()\n\
!       Shift Alt<Key>p:        backward-paragraph(extend)\n\
!       Shift Meta<Key>p:       backward-paragraph(extend)\n\
!       Alt <Key>w:             copy-clipboard()\n\
!       Meta <Key>w:            copy-clipboard()\n\
!       Ctrl Alt <Key>w:        cut-clipboard()\n\
!       Ctrl Meta <Key>w:       cut-clipboard()\n\
!       Alt <Key>y:             paste-clipboard()\n\
!       Meta <Key>y:            paste-clipboard()\n\
!       Alt <Key>f:             forward-word()\n\
!       Meta <Key>f:            forward-word()\n\
!       Alt <Key>n:             forward-paragraph()\n\
!       Meta <Key>n:            forward-paragraph()\n\
!       Shift Alt <Key>n:       forward-paragraph(extend)\n\
!       Shift Meta <Key>n:      forward-paragraph(extend)\n\
!       Shift Alt <Key>f:       forward-word(extend)\n\
!       Shift Meta <Key>f:      forward-word(extend)\n\
!       Alt <Key>d:             kill-next-word()\n\
!       Meta <Key>d:            kill-next-word()\n\
!       Alt <Key>h:             select-all()\n\
!       Meta <Key>h:            select-all()\n\

Similar sets of translations have been suggested by others.


Marc Andreessen
Software Development Group
National Center for Supercomputing Applications