gateway WWW - Oracle (ts)
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 93 09:47:07 +0200
From: (ts)
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Subject: gateway WWW - Oracle

The Uniform Resource Locator for this document is:

Why "oracle/" in the URL ?

My first idea was : oracle://server/database/file, whith the following algorithm.  


 o client 
    o client know the scheme : it use the adequate protocol to get the
      document (like nntp for news:) 
    o else client know a gateway : it send the entire URL to this gateway 
    o otherwise : client use a default protocol (http) to send the entire
      URL to the server specified in the URL.  
       o server is NOT a WWW server : ERROR 
 o server 
    o server know this scheme 
       o local document : server send the document.  
       o else a new URL is linked with this URL : 
          o server send the new URL to the client.  
          o client retry with the new URL.  
    o otherwise : ERROR 


 o "server_A" has a database "data_A" 
 o client request "oracle://server_A/data_A/file" to "server_A", with default
   protocol http : server send the document.  
 o "data_A" is moved to "server_B", whith new name "data_B" 
 o old client request "oracle://server_A/data_A/file" to "server_A" 
    o "server_A" send the new URL "oracle://server_B/data_B/file" 
    o client request "oracle://server_B/data_B/file" to "server_B" 


Unfortunatly, for me, this is not the algorithm of WWW.

 o i can't use "oracle://server/database", because client reply : 

   WWW Alert:  Unable to access document.

 o i can't define "WWW_oracle_GATEWAY", because it's a server for
   local databases but not for ALL databases.  
 o my server is very minuscule, i don't want 2 minuscules servers on 2
   differents ports : one for "http", another for "oracle" 

Syntax is "http://server/",i.e.  a default protocol http (for the client)
whith the string "oracle/" (for the server) to recognize this new scheme.  

 l'URL de la version francaise est ""