Re: HTML to Postscript

Nathan Torkington <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1993 16:19:00 +1200
From: Nathan Torkington <>
Message-id: <>
In-reply-to: Bill Janssen's message <>
Subject: Re: HTML to Postscript
Bill Janssen writes:

> Unfortunately, html2latex seems to use the include file "getopt.h",
> which is nowhere on my Sun that I can see.

When Marc moves it from incoming,
will hold a version that does not require your system to have getopt.h
(but you must still have the getopt function in your library, for
html2latex to parse its arguments).

(I've known some drunk people whose arguments I couldn't parse --
should I have had getopt.h installed in brain@gnat:/usr/include ? :-)