Re: HTML+ and browser functionality

Terry Allen <>
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From: Terry Allen <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1993 16:55:04 PDT
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       "HTML+ and browser functionality" (Jun 28,  6:30pm)
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Subject: Re: HTML+ and browser functionality
The CONTROL panel would certainly help me.  But I'd want the 
addresses of the links to be outside the document, and the
entries in the CONTROL panel to work like entities.  You'd
say somewhere in the HEAD section that the standard links
you wanted were NEXT PREVIOUS UPALEVEL, and only those links
would appear in the browser (frame?).  

For the browser to know where NEXT PREVIOUS etc are, it needs
a navigational info file; that file has to be referred to
in the HEAD section where these links are specified.  Does
all this resolve to a URL type?


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