Cello Beta 0.6 released

tom@begbick.law.cornell.edu (Thomas R. Bruce)
From: tom@begbick.law.cornell.edu (Thomas R. Bruce)
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Subject: Cello Beta 0.6 released
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Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1993 14:48:11 -0400
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Cello beta version 0.6 is hereby released, and available for anonymous
FTP from fatty.law.cornell.edu in the /pub/LII/Cello directory.

For those who missed earlier announcements and versions, Cello is an
all-purpose Internet browser which incorporates WWW, Gopher, FTP,
Telnet, and News clients along with the ability to use many other
services through gateways.

The new version addresses the following problems:

-- CTRL-Backspace will now generate the DEL character (ASCII 0x7F) in
the Telnet client, which apparently some users of UN*X systems badly

-- Various problems with tabbed text in assorted monospaced text modes
were fixed.

-- Problems with WHOIS searches launched from within Gopher are now

-- A minor problem in which the scrollbar would hang at the bottom of
a document was repaired.

-- The usual rogue's gallery of GPFs and assorted weirdness were laid
to rest.

Thanks as usual to all the Alert Cellists who spotted and reported
problems, suggested features, and otherwise are keeping me on my toes.

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