Re: Project Gutenberg's Roget's Thesaurus

Bill Janssen <>
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Date: 	Wed, 14 Apr 1993 14:41:30 PDT
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From: Bill Janssen <>
Subject: Re: Project Gutenberg's Roget's Thesaurus
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Excerpts from ext.WorldWideWeb: 14-Apr-93 Re: Project Gutenberg's Rog.. (1149)

> A list of URL's might work in some cases, but in general this means
> that adding a new mirror site requires updating all references...

Yes, and in addition, it means that choosing an appropriate URL is up to
some client heuristics.  However, it does have the merit of not
requiring a round-trip conversation with the name service, which is
important to us.  I think the suggestion of having some kind of
meta-URL, which could be interpreted locally, would also merit more
thought.  Some sort of macrology like imake uses (ugh :-).  This would
solve some of the problems of a static list, without necessarily
requiring name service round trips.