Re: Crawling info displays and slide shows

Tony Sanders <>
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To: Rich Wiggins <>
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Subject: Re: Crawling info displays and slide shows 
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Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1993 17:00:26 -0500
From: Tony Sanders <>
> want is a general way to "play" this sort of program to any readers
> who want to click on the relevant start button.
Define a new Content-type: (e.g., www/slideshow), then define the protocol,
and then get browsers to support it.  Please Please Please don't clutter
up the language with stuff that is more easily and better done externally.

Something along these lines would be a start.  This steals a bit from
/bin/sh syntax.  You could *almost* do this today with xmosaic :-)

    .mailcap:   www/slideshow; /usr/local/bin/mosaic-slideshow %s
or maybe
    .mailcap:   www/slideshow; mosaic-internal-reference

Content-type: www/slideshow

# www/slideshow example
get &
get &
waitio		# waits until the user selects something from intro.html