mosaic pre6 coming soon, and more forms stuff (Marc Andreessen)
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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 93 22:21:47 -0700
From: (Marc Andreessen)
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Subject: mosaic pre6 coming soon, and more forms stuff
pre6 will be released shortly, as (thanks to many users, particularly
frans van hoesel) I have discovered one really stupid bug and some
others that are hitting a lot of people.

Since pre5, Eric has implemented scrolled lists and multiline text
fields for fill-out forms forms.  I have promised him that no one
would use multiline text fields until we have a real submission method
(which we now have, I think, from the recent discussion).  But we
should settle on the syntax for them (and for scrolled lists) ASAP...

As I noted last night (and Bill Perry, at least, agreed), I think
multiline texts fields should have a different name than single-line
text fields.  Is "textarea" OK?  Also, we have three choices for
declaring the size of a "textarea":

    o SIZE="32x4" as in the original spec
    o SIZE="32,4" to fit in a little better with other things
    o COLUMNS=32 ROWS=4 for extreme cleanliness (which is what we
      currently have)

Dave R, your final judgment please?  :-)

Anyone object to type LIST for (possibly scrolled) lists?  Same basic
behavior as OPTION but more than one option is visible at a time (the
number visible can be set by the SIZE attribute); same OPTIONS
argument (comma-separated list of options).