HTTP/1.0 & HTML+ questions (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 93 13:39:53 -0700
From: (Marc Andreessen)
Message-id: <>
To: "William M. Perry" <>
Subject: HTTP/1.0 & HTML+ questions
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"William M. Perry" writes:
> 1. When a URL has been moved, and a response code of 301, 302, or 303 has
>    been returned, must the url be fully specified or could it be
>    returned as Location: somefile.html, where the original URL was
>    http://someserver/thisfile.html?

Let's say "fully specified", to keep things straightforward.

> 2. In HTML+, are forms allowed inside of <PRE> formatted sections?  


>    I know <PRE> is outdated in HTML+, but should it be allowed?  If
>    its not, I think it should be added to the spec - the only thing
>    a <FORM> shouldn't be allowed inside of is another form.