Socially correct URLs for archived RFCs

Steve Romig <>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 93 00:08:56 -0500
From: Steve Romig <>
Message-id: <>
In-reply-to: Bryan Cheung's message of Thu, 11 Nov 93 18:39:17 EST <>
Subject: Socially correct URLs for archived RFCs
We've already written some scripts that convert rfcs, iens, faqs,
emacs info and man pages to html - see for the code.  The servers
are running on - I'm in the process of
converting everything to be http/1.0 compliant (all done but waisgate)
and am moving things to a different server (which will become when I am done), so its a bit flaky at the

for pointers to these things (and more).  Note that if you are using a
client that uses http/1.0, keyword searches through our waisgate won't
work yet.  Sigh...

--- Steve