Re: field "METHOD" in "<FORM>" (Paul Everitt)
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1993 18:53:54 +0600
From: (Paul Everitt)
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Subject: Re: field "METHOD" in "<FORM>"
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I saw your email a while back.  I am *VERY* interested in using
HTML+ forms as a front end to Sybase.  I am trying to explain it
to my Sybase programmer, but I'm not sure what is involved.  What
is it on the server side that you are using to pass your data
from the form to the database?



 I want to update a database, and to do it I need a new field "METHOD" in
the tag "<FORM>". Example :

  - <FORM ACTION="table name"> to retrieve a row (default value "GET")
  - <FORM METHOD="PUT" ACTION="table name"> to update a row
  - <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="table name"> to add a row
  - <FORM METHOD="DELETE" ACTION="table name"> to delete a row

 Any other ideas ?


Guy Decoux