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Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1993 20:30:02 -0600
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 * cc:Mail SMTPLINK 2.0 Undeliverable Message  by "Andre Doles" (
 *    written on Nov 29,  6:55am.
 * I'm looking for anyone that has experience comiling http server 
 * software running under A/UX (Apple's Unix.)  I'm probably the only sole 
 * in the universe "trying" to use A/UX, but just thought I'd check.  I'm 
 * kinda new to alot of this, so a knowledgable A/UX person who is doing 
 * this kinda thing would be helpful.  Volunteers?

You don't mention what http server you're trying to compile.

For NCSA httpd, I've had inquiries in the past about A/UX support, but no
one ever sent me any changes. I can offer you some advice and help you with
problems you encounter.

If you're trying to compile the CERN httpd, you should probably ask