Re: International Document Server Support

Tony Sanders <>
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To: Jonathan Abbey <>,
        Tim Berners-Lee <>
Subject: Re: International Document Server Support 
In-Reply-To: Jonathan Abbey's message of Mon, 06 Dec 1993 13:28:10 CST.
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Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1993 15:10:09 -0600
From: Tony Sanders <>
> > Well, you wouldn't use "language/english" but pretty close.  What you
> > do is pass this information along with the Accept: headers, e.g.:
> >     Accept: plain/text,language="ISO3316",charset="..."
> So, English is now officially called "ISO3316"?  Sort of loses some
> of the flavor.. 8-)
He he!  Just to clarify ISO3316 is 'language codes' and ISO639 is 'country
codes'.  What you end up with is something like en_US or en_UK.  Un*x
based software could use $LANG to choose a default since at least one
vendor is using it for this purpose.
still says ISOXXX under Accept-Language.  I think that's where it was,
can't reach the server to verify, darn it.

TimBL should make a ruling on this so we can all head in one direction:
Someone else pointed out Accept-Language: but I think this is the wrong
approch.  I think this information should be in the Accept: header along
with the other client profile information.  I can see the arguments for
special casing headers for some client profile but I would opt to be
consistent.  I'll be happy either way, I just want us to make an informed