Re: Annoucement: Local Browser Execution

George Phillips <>
Date: 13 Dec 93 23:22 -0800
From: George Phillips <>
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Subject: Re: Annoucement: Local Browser Execution 
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Tony says:
>Ok, define a content type application/x-exec that returns some data for
>you to deal with.  This doesn't require *ANY* changes to the browser and
>at some point down the road you will be able to authenticate the data
>instead of being forced to trust just anyone.  Same effect, much more
>flexible, and it doesn't clutter the URL space.

As near as I can tell with Mosaic, you'd still have to make some
changes.  Unless the content type is text/html, it just doesn't
get displayed on the document window.  Even so, I think you're still
a far stretch from having the same effect as x-exec.  For instance,
you need at least a server to drop these application/x-exec
documents on the browser.

I could be wrong, but I certainly can't figure out how to replace
x-exec: with application/x-exec.  If you know how, please show