Re: HTML icon set was: Additions to the CGI archive

Martijn Koster <>
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To: (frans van hoesel)
Subject: Re: HTML icon set was: Additions to the CGI archive
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Date: Thu, 06 Jan 1994 20:33:05 +0000
From: Martijn Koster <>

frans van hoesel wrote:
> why not forget about the icons completly...
> permanent type of cache: simply a list of URL of wich the contents 
> can be found on local disk.

This doesn't solve the problem, you could end up with lots of


on your disk. 

Dave Ragget wrote:
> We are all waiting impatiently for URN's as the long term
> solution for this. 

URN's are a good idea, but in order for a browser to map a URN to an
internal image you still need to define a set of URNs for "standard" icons. 
So we might as well do that with URL's, which are here now, and use
URN equivalents when they arrive. Or am I missing something?

-- Martijn
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