Compiling XMosaic 2.1 under A/UX
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 94 13:21:02 EDT
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Subject: Compiling XMosaic 2.1 under A/UX
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     Many thanks to all who helped me get httpd_1.0 compiled and running 
     under A/UX 3.02.  Not bad, it only took a total of 3 days!  Last night 
     I successfully compiled it with gcc (because Apple's standard cc 
     compiler isn't Ansi C compatible).  Again, MANY thanks to all the 
     replies in helping me accomplish my goal.
     Now, I would like to compile xMosaic 2.1 under A/UX.  Does anyone have 
     the patched Makefile for A/UX?  What else is necessary?
     Thanks in advance.
                                Andre' Doles
                                Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command HQ