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George Phillips <>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 1994 00:26:33 --100
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Subject: Re: CGI stuff
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[ A bunch of www-talk messages just came in; was there a general problem? ]

Guy Decoux says:
>Apparently, CERN Daemon, NCSA Daemon and Plexus don't give the same
>"PATH_INFO" when there is a "+" in the pathname.
>Who are right ?
[example with GET /cgi-bin/a/essai[+%3B+]?a deleted ]

Oh dear, I'm afraid the answer is none of them.  In this case,
PATH_INFO should be:


The server should not un-escape PATH_INFO.  Otherwise, things
like GET /cgi-bin/a/path%2Finfo do a very wrong thing.  I just wrote
on this in more detail, see
I think some bug fixing needs to be done, but we should clarify these
details in the spec, first.

Rob McCool said:

>One of the most popular (in fact, the only one I've gotten) complaints about
>CGI is the fact that the non-nph script's output is stripped of everything
>except Location: and Content-type:.

I also concur with the solution of just letting the headers through.
Happily, that change can go along with escaping fixups.

For CGI/1.1 we may want to consider npa (no parse anything) scripts which
get fed everything the client sends and talk directly back to the client.
It's a punt, but it'll at least let script authors do anything
(authentication, experimental things, etc.) until a new version of
CGI catches up with new HTTP/1.0 protocol features.

			-- George