Announce tkWWW 0.11 Prerelease 1

Joseph Wang <joe@MIT.EDU>
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 1994 03:52:58 --100
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From: Joseph Wang <joe@MIT.EDU>
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Subject: Announce tkWWW 0.11 Prerelease 1
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A prerelease for tkWWW 0.11 has been uploaded to from
which it should migrate over to /pub/www/dev soon.  This is a bug fix
version with the following changes.

12 Mar 1994 Fails gracefully if it cannot find xli
            Add image works correctly
            Put prerelease 1 on

05 Mar 1994 Set variables to record link attributes
            Changed image.tcl to avoid freeze if image viewer cannot be found
            Fixed bug in Personal annotation deletion (reported by
            Added scrollbar to whine dialog
            Added lines so that make install installs the proper Tcl files
                in the library directory
            Now works with RCS
06 Feb 1994 Added patches by
               Fixes various segementation faults
               Uses sed instead of cpp to create tkWWW

02 Feb 1994 Fixed "Back" and "Home" bug which gave blank pages for those 
               buttons (reported by,
                           and others)
            Fixed edit.tcl so that Ctrl-a and Ctrl-e work 

Have fun!!!!!!