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Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 17:46:03 +0200
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In <>, Brian Behlendorf 
wrote: >I've been debating this in my head many times - if someone doesn't 
have the
>capability to view something on W3, why are they participating in a
>discussion about improving it?  I really do not want to come about like a
>snob, but it seems analogous to wanting a snail-mail interface to e-mail
>mailing lists 10 years ago.  At some point you have to define a lowest
>common denominator, and the lower that is the more limited your choices
Hope you have your asbestos suit handy :)...  I am working on implementing a 
corporate repository of reference documents that will be accessed via WWW 
browsers, using both HTML hypertext links and WAIS document text searching 
to provide the maximum # of paths to internal technical information.  There 
are commercial packages for this out there, but they: a) are expensive for 
non-mission critical data ($200+/user); and b) appear not to scale as well 
as the Web technology seems to.  It may be that we are just part of a wave 
of sites that are now email-connected to the Internet, but will have IP 
connectivity in the near future, so the original point is moot.  I am not 

Web technology is useful inside a medium large company, even without IP 
connectivity to the Internet.
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