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Paul Everitt <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 19:16:10 +0200
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On Wed, 15 Jun 1994, Fisher Mark wrote:
> Hope you have your asbestos suit handy :)...  I am working on implementing a 
> corporate repository of reference documents that will be accessed via WWW 
> browsers, using both HTML hypertext links and WAIS document text searching 

[stuff deleted]

> Web technology is useful inside a medium large company, even 
without IP > connectivity to the Internet.

This is a thread that I don't think get's enough discussion -- the 
viability of the Web for LAN-based informations systems that just happen 
to scale into global systems.  In this regard, the "competition" isn't 
something like gopher, NNTP, or SMTP, but something like Lotus Notes.

Here are some features of Notes that distinguish it as a LAN infosystem:
1) Replication (server-server and disconnected user-server)
WWW := this NNTP proposal for broadcast HTML
WWW := for disconnected (pop3-type) users, server-side smart agents in 
TCL, python, etc. ???
WWW := caches (future, hierarchical caches?)

2) Authentication and Encryption
WWW := Secure-HTTP, Shen, PEM, etc.

3) Versioning for revisions
WWW := URI's for multiple revisions of the same URL (no idea here)

4) Cross-platform
WWW := even better than Notes

5) Document-centric
WWW := currently as good as Notes.  Mailcap is not the same, but 
equivalent to, object embedding.  Accessories and safe-tcl will help.

6) Somewhat "open" (ouch, careful with the flames)
Notes fits enough of what a PC decision-maker would consider open.  For 
us, of course not.

We can name WWW technologies to address each of these.  However, each 
seems a bit disconnected from the other, and none of the server side 
stuff is administrator friendly, at least in the context of a PC user.

Can the WWW "sell" into spaces that would adopt Notes as their corporate 

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