Best of the Web Nominations

Brandon Plewe <>
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 1994 21:10:06 --100
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From: Brandon Plewe <>
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Subject: Best of the Web Nominations
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I am still in the process of doing the Best of the Web '94 awards:
The nominations have been closed for a little while now, but I am still coming
up short in a few categories.  Also, I need some help with the hall of fame
nominees, that the people on this list would be especially valuable for.  I
need short bios (what they did that made them so great) for the following:
Tim Berners-Lee
Marc Andreesen
Tony Sanders
Kevin Hughes
Marc VanHeynigen
Lou Montulli
Eric Bina
Rob McCool

I also need more Nominees for the following Categories:
Best Page Design:
	A html-ized document (not a custom WWW page) that makes good use of
	HTML, especially fonts, graphics, and hypertext, to communicate
	effectively in an electronic medium.
Best Educational Site:
	A service that uses the Web to teach common users about a specific
	subject (not necessarily a site for educators).
Best Use of Interaction
	a service that uses forms or image maps to allow the user to truly
	interact with the system.
Best Use of Multiple Media
	a document that uses graphics, video, or sound to accomplish something
	that could not be done as well with text only. (gratuitous icons don't
Best Professional Service
	a service that provides truly valuable information to other workers in
	the same field. (i.e. databases, data processing services, technical

Let me know if any of you have some ideas or information

Brandon Plewe
Assistant Coordinator, Campus-Wide Information Services