TIME CRITICAL: **Tue April 19th** SIGWEB Mtg Anncmt: SF Bay Area

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**********  April SIGWEB Meeting Announcement  ***********

The April SIGWEB meeting will be held at the Stanford Linear Accelerator
Center on April 19th, from 2pm till 5pm.

Featuring a panel discussion:

    Desktop Interfaces to Information Sources on the Internet:
    Perspectives from World Wide Web client interface developers.

	Kevin Altis, Intel
		- creator of the Proxy Server
	Marc Andreessen, Enterprise Integration Technologies
		- creator of Mosaic
	Tony Johnson, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
		- creator of MidasWWW 	 
	Pei Wei, O'Reilly & Associates
		- creator of violaWWW

	Bebo White, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
		- moderator
A panel consisting of the creator's of leading WWW client technology
will discuss issues concerning desktop interfaces to Internet
information sources.  The panelists will place their work into
perspective given their specific target user community and share some
of the insights gained during their individual efforts.  Together, and
with audience participation, the panelists will attempt to shed light
on significant general themes pervading networked information
interface development.  Open issues and future directions will also be


The afternoon's agenda will also include:

Welcome to Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and Overview of the 
High Energy Physics Community's WWW/NIDR Activities
	Les Cottrell - Networking Manager, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
SIGWEB Business and Announcements - 
	Administrivia and Announcements of related events/activities.
Attendee Q/A, Birds of a Feather Sessions and Informal Discussions
	While we didn't formally get to this phase of the March meeting,
	we do plan to provide time and sign-up sheets for those interested.  

SIGWEB Member Input Survey (on-going)
	The SIGWEB volunteer corps has prepared a survey to collect
	member input to aid develop of the SIGWEB organization and its
	member services.  Email and WWW-Forms versions are under 

Refreshments will be served.

Questions concerning this meeting may be directed either toward 
Dave Lewis - meeting coordinator (drlewi1@pacbell.com, 510-823-2831) or
Chris McRae - SIGWEB President, (mcrae@ora.com).


SIGWEB April Meeting Time and Place

Date: Tuesday, April 19th
Time: 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

	Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC)
	2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA

Directions to the meeting site:
	SLAC is located adjacent to Menlo Park, west of the Stanford 
	University campus at 2575 Sand Hill Road, east of highway 280. 
	An area map is available at 
	for those arriving from highway 101 or from other Bay Area points. 

	The SigWeb meeting will be held in the SLAC Auditorium, the
	large building directly opposite the laboratory entrance. Parking is
	available opposite the SLAC Guard House or east of the Auditorium. The
	attendant at the Guard House can give additional information regarding
	parking and auditorium access.  The SLAC auditorium is wheelchair


SIGWEB is an organization started at the end of 1993 to facilitate
communication between practitioners of a field known generally as
Networked Information Delivery and Retrieval (NIDR) within the Bay
Area and surrounding region.  Started by Chris McRae (now at O'Reilly
& Associates - mcrae@ora.com), SIGWEB has quickly expanded to include
participation by several hundred people at its monthly events.  Past
events have included presentations by leaders in the development of
the World Wide Web and its client interfaces, Wide Area Information
Service (WAIS), Internet infrastructure, commercial applications of
the Internet (e.g. CommerceNet), and so on.  All aspects of NIDR, from
technical details and software applications, through standards and
end-user applications are open topics of discussion.  SIGWEB is an all
volunteer run group welcoming participation from all interested

To join the SIGWEB electronic mail list, send a message to 
Include one line in the message body,
	subscribe sig-web <your name>