Re: What/Where is gunzip ??

Johan Hofvander <>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 1994 01:24:55 --100
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From: Johan Hofvander <>
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Subject: Re: What/Where is gunzip ??
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> All Mosaic binaries on ncsa are .gz ...... this compression extension 
> isn't listed in their README file about file compressions used on the 
> host.
> Where can I get the gunzip utility..... It doesn't come with Solaris 2.x. 
> didn't they use .z or .Z compression ??
> Steve
You cat get the utilities from, but if
you download the ncsa binaries from us (/pub/www/Mosaic) the following is 

Compressed and gzipped files (i e files ending with .Z and .gz or .z)
can be decompressed respectively gunzipped before retrieval by
excluding .Z, .gz or .z from the filename in the get command. For
example, the file foo.tar.Z can be uncompressed before retrieval by
the command 'get foo.tar'. You may also compress or gzip any
uncompressed file by adding .Z or .gz to the filename. It is also
possible to tar and eventually compress or gzip a directory structure
by adding .tar, .tar.Z or .tar.gz to the directory-name.