WANTED: Part Time WWW expert

omy@San-Jose.ate.slb.com (Omy Ronquillo)
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Subject: WANTED: Part Time WWW expert
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	I don't know if this the right place for this question. I apologize
	if it's not.

	I am looking for a student who lives around San Jose, California
	who is proficient in:

		* WWW
		* MOSAIC (Unix and MAC)
		* HTTP
		* HTML
		* CGI
		* Word processor converters to HTML

	This is a part time project here at Schlumberger Technologies, 
	ATE Division.

	If you or know anybody that is interested, please contact
	me directly. 


 Omy Ronquillo - Documentation Manager        Schlumberger Technologies
 omy@san-jose.ate.slb.com [e-mail]            1601 Technology Drive
 (408) 437-5268 [voice]                       San Jose, CA 95110
 (408) 453-0137 [FAX]                         U.S.A.