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Date: Thu, 14 Apr 1994 22:25:21 --100
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Subject: Re: Quality problems - AGREE! 
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  	I totally agree; plus, instead of giving a message like you 	
  	sometimes get from a phone company, for example:
  	"Sorry you must NOT dial a "1" in front of this number..."
  	Why not just assume "no 1" and not bother with the message.
  	In the case of "this xxx relocated to yyy," why not just
  	link to "yyy" instead of bothering with the message, or, 
  	notify with the message and still link them there.
The analogy is a good one, because in both cases the answer is user training, 
either because some future change will make what the user did mean something 
different that she probably doesn't want, or so the resources used to do the 
transfer (the old phone number or URL) can eventually be reused.

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