Re: The f****** BBC (Lile Elam)
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 1994 22:34:45 --100
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Well, prehaps we should have never showed the BBC the WWWvia Mosiac at
the last Comnet/Livenet conference/trade show in DC... :)

They had their camera's there and did a whole news clip on it, interviewing
a fellow from the International Internet Association. They also wanted to
interview me in my red tied died shirt as I was demo'ing Mosaic and the WWW
about 2 paces away, but I bulked. I hate TV (even painted a picture called
"smash your tv!") and could not imagine being on a broadcast as such. 
Luckly, the fellow I was working for stepped in and did the interview and
I went to play with my MBone connection... :)

I recon they showed this clip in Britain...


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