Re: Quality problems - AGREE! (Brian Behlendorf)
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Once again, technology to the rescue :)

Howbout a program which, given a local html file, recurses through
links on that file to other files, and the base case on the recursion
is a link to a file on another machine.  When it reaches this, it
sends out a HEAD command, and if the file exists it moves on, but if
it gets sent back a REDIRECT header, it finds this new document, and
reports back to the web maintainer on the local machine that his link
to "x" is wrong and needs to be changed to "x'".  If the script were
robust enough, this could be set up to do interactively, or even
automatically.  Thus the conundrum of moving pages or whole sites
could work.

I know there are scripts out there that do the first part - checking
links - so adding the functionality to automatically change incorrect
links might be a good thing.  Or, it could be as dangerous as the
speller in MS Word 5. :)