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On Thu, 14 Apr 1994, Paul S. Wain wrote:

> Anyway I wrote to the maintainer(s) with a few hints on how to improve
> it, but I just feel I needed to vent to a larger audience the BAD work
> that the BBC is doing for the Web as a whole.

> Yours, (marginally pissed off cos of the bad name the BBC are giving the
> web)

Speaking of giving the Net (equating with the Web, sorry! :) a bad name,
I finally got a glimpse of Ted Nelson on the box last night. The
Australian Channel Seven talk show 'Denton' had an interview with the
illustrious inventor of the term 'hypertext'. What did they talk about...
'dildonics' - erotic I/O devices.... umm

Needless to say, his spiel on Xanadu was pretty unconvincing as well. 


                                        Michael Ledwidge 
                                        National Library of Australia