Quick Question on <Hn> and <HR>

Paul "S." Wain <Paul.Wain@brunel.ac.uk>
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Date: Thu, 28 Apr 1994 16:02:04 +0200
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Subject: Quick Question on <Hn> and <HR>
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Im sitting here writing up a spec into HTML (by hand of course :) and
one thought just struck me, and looking at the DTD I cant decide if I am
right or wrong.

Is the following valid HTML?

	A title
	some text

That is, can I justifiably use the <HR> tag inside a <H#> tag? (#=1..6)
Im thinking not which is a shame because the specification say that
there needs to be a complete clear line between a </H#> tag and the next
line of whatever. This means that you cant get the <HR> right up close
under the text which is sometimes quite desirable (Like in this case for

Any ideas? Am I wrong in thinking it is invalid? 


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