Re: Resource discovery, replication (WWW Announcements archives?)

Martijn Koster <>
Date: Wed, 4 May 1994 12:05:51 +0200
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From: Martijn Koster <>
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Subject: Re: Resource discovery, replication (WWW Announcements archives?) 
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Daniel W. Connolly writes:
> Markus Stumpf writes:
> Hmmm ... this is exactly the same idea thats behind ALIWEB and IAFA,
> isn't it? So why have a new one?
> I dunno... Maybe I just need to play with/read about those systems
> more. For some reason, they strike me as too centralized: there's the
> per-site data, and there's the list of all sites. What's in-between?
> How is the global list maintained?  Suppose I want an index of
> resources related to biochemistry: can I build one? (with my strategy,
> I can filter the articles however I want and build custom indexes)

In ALIWEB the global list is maintained by a form for subscription,
and email for deletion (currently by hand). But, by having a
"standard" location for the per-site info any robot can go around
looking for that.

If you want an index of resources related to a particular topic you
can either use ALIWEB simple or form-based search to do it for you,
copy the data to your machine and do it locally, or even get the
list of hosts and go and get the information yourself in a standard

-- Martijn
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