ANNOUNCE: Best of the Web '94 Awards (at last!)

"Brandon S. Plewe" <>
Date: Wed, 4 May 1994 18:53:53 +0200
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From: "Brandon S. Plewe" <>
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Subject: ANNOUNCE: Best of the Web '94 Awards (at last!)
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The nominees have been announced for the Best of the Web '94 Awards.
They can be found at:

The awards are being given in 14 categories:
WWW Hall of Fame
Best Overall Site
Best WWW Browser
Best Campus-Wide Information System
Best Educational Site
Best Commercial Site
Best Entertainment Site
Best Professional Site
Best Navigational Aid
Most Important Service Concept
Best Document Design
Best Use of Interaction
Best Use of Multiple Media
Most Technical Merit

each category has about 10 nominees (sorry, I couldn't narrow it any further
myself without showing bias).
The nominees are now open for public scrutiny, while I make some 
last-minute embellishments and the voting forms.  During this time, I 
would appreciate the following:
* Any corrections to information on the pages (i.e. false credit)
* Any embellishments from the nominees themselves, such as:
	- background/history/biographical information
	- instructions for using the service (if it's complex)
	- pointers to highlights of site

Here is the expected schedule of completion:

MAY 4-9: Public Viewing of Nominees, last-minute editions
MAY 10-24: Public Voting for Awards
MAY 26: Awards announced & trophies presented at WWW'94 in Geneva
MAY 27: Permanent awards exhibit displayed here
JUNE: Trophies mailed to absent award recipients

Sorry for the LONG delay.  I'm sure many of you gave up on me!

Hope this service will be of use to everyone.  I've been very impressed
by the nominees, and am sorry that I had to turn away so many.  The Web
is truly becoming a valuable resource, and I congratulate you all for
that accomplishment.

Brandon Plewe