Re: WWW Proxy information

Dave Raggett <>
Date: Mon, 9 May 1994 18:22:09 +0200
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From: Dave Raggett <>
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Subject: Re: WWW Proxy information
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The Proxy server is a great idea, but can act as a bottle neck for
external access. Is anyone interested in the work I have done on
a lightweight shared cache based on the Gnu dbm package?

This uses a simple UDP-based protocol to map URLs to file names.
Clients then retrieve the local copy from the shared filestore
by a mechanism such as nfs. If the document isn't in the cache,
the client retrieves it directly (using Socks to get thru firewalls)
and then loads it into the shared filestore (via nfs) and registers
it with the cache server. This approach places a minimal burden
on the cache server and so caters well for large sites. I will be
demonstrating this as part of my HTML+ browser at the WWW'94 conference.
Best wishes,

Dave Raggett

Hewlett Packard Laboratories,           +44 272 228046
Bristol, England