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Date: Tue, 24 May 1994 17:32:41 +0200
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<sigh> Yes, stylesheets are VERY VERY important to the future of the web 
for publishing.  Tools like Mosaic are only really useful to the 
end-user.  They support few of the requirements a publisher looks for in a 
publishing platform.

Having talked to many, many publishers, I can tell you that they are 
excited about tools like Mosaic until they resize the window -- thus 
completely reformatting the document -- or until I show them how trivial it 
is for the consumer to change the font.

Publishing, like many things,  is the exercise of control over chaos --  

	editorial control over the chaos of the creator, 

	distribution control over the chaos of the marketplace and 

	presentational control over the chaos of the medium.

Presenting tools which rob the publisher of one third of their purpose is 
no way to develop new media or build confidence in this new technology.


..for a full stylesheet specification for HTML.  

(This is the www-talk archive, BTW)

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 --  </rr>  Rob Raisch, The Internet Company