Using Mosaic and HTTPD with multiple network interfaces

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Date: Sun, 29 May 1994 05:17:52 +0200
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Subject: Using Mosaic and HTTPD with multiple network interfaces
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We are trying to use Mosaic and the CERN httpd to setup
a client-server connection between two Sun workstations..
Everything works fine when we use the standard le0 ethernet
interface for communication between the client and server.

However, for our situation we actually need to use two (maybe
more later) physical interfaces to each machine. One connection
is using PPP and the other is using Frame Relay. We have
configured the IP layer to recognize the different interfaces.

For instance, if one wants to telnet from one machine to the 
other using either protocol, one would simply say "telnet fr1"
for Frame relay or "telnet ppp1" for PPP. So in effect we 
use different IP addresses for each of the various interfaces.

I would like to setup the two machines
so that Mosaic sends out a request on the PPP connection to
the server and the server will deliver the data on the Frame
relay connection..

But since Mosaic sends the client address to the server when
it makes the connection, I am not sure how to even set about
achieving this goal.. 

Client ppp1 makes a connection to server at ppp2 with a request, 
but the server should send a reponse back to client at fr1.

Is this possible at all ? How much work would it involve ?

Any help or pointers with getting this setup working 
will be greatly appreciated.

--Amar Vadlamudi
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