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A poster writes: (sorry lost your name)

> ... Intelligent Systems.

>This methodolgy, although I do not claim to be an expert, allows for the
>creation of Frames (and scripts).  Essentially it groups information about 
>entities in a semantic manner.

>The basic construct is Frame_Name, Slot, Facet, Value.

This is fruitful.  The problem is classifying information.  Nick Arnott
thinks what we need is an electronic librarian - when I need to find an
item in cyberspace I go to a librarian who spends most of her time (for
which she feels guilty) traversing the net and indexing - on paper and in
her head the things she finds.  She is the best source I know.  

How do we use, catalog, retrieve and add value to information inside our own
heads?  A thread manager would automate this basic function on the web.

>Here the frame name may be man, he has certain attributes or slots, which
>have values.  I could illucidate further, but this is not my point.  This
>point is that there seems to be an interest in semantic knowledge, grouping
>information in places where it is needed.  Intelligent Systems methodologies
>are related to studies of the ways people store information for use.

Places where it is needed?  There is only cyberplace.  The problem is
finding related information when no-one has thought to provide a hard link. 
It is almnost but not quite on the tip of your finger so to speak.

These are early days and even as we speak many people are titling and
heading their documents with more and more care and consideration for the
sheer mass of other docs available.  Perhaps, like ascii for .txt's and
Dewey for books and articles, an international standard classification
system for general information are needed.

Al. <-:< (