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Interestingly there is a discussion going on about meta information which
seems highly related to not only object oriented methodology but also some of
the methods incorporated in the building of Intelligent Systems.

This methodolgy, although I do not claim to be an expert, allows for the creation of Frames (and scripts).  Essentially it groups information about entities in
a semantic manner.

The basic construct is Frame_Name, Slot, Facet, Value.

Here the frame name may be man, he has certain attributes or slots, which have values.  I could illucidate further, but this is not my point.  This point is tha
there seems to be an interest in semantic knowledge, grouping information in places where it is needed.  Intelligent Systems methodologies are related to studies of the ways people store information for use.

Perhaps it is the case that we could build Hypertext systems in a semantic way,
then to embrace these two above methodologies.