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Executive Summary

The World Wide Web is becoming one of the most commonly used sources of information. With hundreds of thousands of people surfing the web every day, the impact a web page can have is astounding. The only problem is, that the information is only one way. Most people lack the basic programming skills needed to compose a web page in HTML, and therefore do not post their information on the internet. The HTML editors can provide a solution to this problem. Using a good HTML editor, anyone who has used a word processor can write an attractive, informative web page. We have done a review of four popular HTML editors.

We reviewed four HTML editors:

In order to determine the best HTML editor, we made a matrix of the features each one has or does not have. We also did a general overview and listed advantages and disadvantages for each editor. Of the four editors we reviewed, two stood out from the crowd: Adobe Pagemill for the Mac platform, and Hotmetal Pro. They both made HTML publishing an easy task and let you focus on content rather than "How do I do ....".

This web page is dedicated to our review of the HTML editors. You can either browse through the document by clicking on any links which interest you, or use the direction arrows to proceed through it in an orderly fashion. The HTML for these pages was created with the help of the various editors we tested, and while some editors were better than others, they all made the process of web publishing much easier!


Task To Be Solved

Comparison of Products

HotDog Standard

Adobe Pagemill

Hotmetal Pro



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This page was written by Sandra Mccallum and Andy Cochrane