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Malcolm C. Cross (
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 11:48:24 +0000

> Subject: Re: Boundaries of PCP
> From: "Mancuso, James C." <>

> And, what happened to that discussion about "cognition" and "emotion" in PCP?

Jim Mancuso


I am immensely interested in this topic but so busy I feel like the
only things I would have to offer on the topic would be poorly
thought through - but hell here I am on Sunday at work trying to
catch up on correspondence, so it is appropriate to be distracted
by things much more interesting.

I take the perhaps simplistic view that emotions ARE constructs. I
reckon that all the same rules apply. They are hierarchical,
bi-polar, etc... and of course, and most importantly, they may be
used to overlay meaning on to events.

To confuse things just a little though emotions can also be
events. That is those things that we sense. In this
circumstance then emotions are perhaps best construed as events
and we make meaning of them. It is often a challenge for those new
to PCP to get this. That is, that the theory still works even though
our language has difficulty (actually produces some would argue)
accommodating the notion that events can be constructs and constructs
can be events.

OK that was it for what it is worth.


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