viewing source code with embedded links

uunet! (bryan d oakley)
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 11:31:52 CST
From: uunet! (bryan d oakley)
Message-id: <9311011731.AA12019@hickory.iapa>
Subject: viewing source code with embedded links
I am wanting to be able to view source code using Mosaic such that the
code remains in it's existing non-wrapped state, but with links being
properly rendered (ie: as if a <PRE> preceded each file).  Now, I
don't want to have to add a <PRE> to each file so I'm wondering what
is the best way to accomplish this.  

The problem I am trying to solve falls somewhere between the domains
of literate programming and the World Wide Web.  The ultimate goal is
to have hypertexified source code that a maintenance programmer could
browse via Mosaic, with the ability to jump to specifications, test
documents and so on.  Ultimately I think it would be nice to have
available a source code / HTML 'pretty-printer', which would take the
source code and allow comments to be wrapped and rendered in a
different font, perhaps tag variables with <VAR>, and so on.

So, the question is, what's the best way to proceed?  At this point,
since I've just recently installed NCSA httpd (version 1.whatever),
I'm assuming that I could create a script in htbin, though I'm not
sure how I would use it.  Ideally I would like the URL
'http://server/src/main.f' to execute my script causing main.f to be
found and tagged, then displayed in Mosaic.  If that URL won't work,
is there one that will?  I don't want the user to have to enter the
name of the source file in an <ISINDEX> document.

Perhaps someone is already working on such a beast?  If not, I could
use some fairly specific hints.  I'm new to administrating httpd and
Mosaic, so the knowledge base is low.  I'm not on the internet so
sound advice would be more appreciated than a pointer to an URL
(though I can surf the 'net via my delphi account from home when I
have to, so URLs would be appreciated as well).


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