Re: International Document Server Support

Dave_Raggett <>
From: Dave_Raggett <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: International Document Server Support 
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 93 11:41:38 GMT
Mailer: Elm [revision:]
How should we support switching between laguages and character sets
within documents?

I am including an optional CHARSET attribute in nearly all elements in
the next revision to the HTML+ DTD. This will allow browsers to switch
char sets for a paragraph etc,  e.g. <P charset="ISO-2022-JP"> ....
as described in RFC 1468 which is used for Japanese character encoding
for email and network news.

Should I also include a LANGUAGE attribute for the ISO3316 language codes?

-- Dave

BTW the new DTD will infer missing <P> elements following headers etc.
and so remove worries for once and for all as to whether they are
containers or separators.