inline sounds (bryan oakley)
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 93 08:04:32 CST
From: (bryan oakley)
Message-id: <9312071404.AA04551@maple.iapa>
Subject: inline sounds
Ok, we have inline graphics in Mosaic, why not inline sounds?  Many of
the same rules/concepts/controls would apply (such as the ability to
defer the playing of inlined sounds).  I think it would be great to
have an automatic, audible "Welcome to the FOO company" on a home
page.  Hmmmm.... could I do this with server side include files, or
perhaps an /htbin script?  Better to have it as part of the HTML+
spec.  Perhaps an <SND SRC="URL"> tag?

Other uses might be to place a subtle beep at the end of a long
document so that you know when it has finished loading, or perhaps at
the start of a document to let you know it was found and is in the
process of being retrieved.  Of course, the question then becomes, is
the sound played whenever the sound tag exists in the viewable part of
the document, or just when the document is loaded.  And, is it
replayed if you scroll (or jump) back to the document that has been

I guess if I had to vote (and why not, this is my posting, eh?) I
would play the sound on-the-fly as the surrounding text is being
rendered for the screen, AND place a little sound icon where the tag
is in the text so that the user can replay at will.  The rule would be
that whenever the icon has to be rendered for display it would be
played as well (unless deferred playing is turned on)

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