Re: inline sounds
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Subject: Re: inline sounds 
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Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1993 13:42:32 +0100
> My wish would be for an ability to play a sound sequence as an
> accompanyment to following a normal hypertext link. This way the
> music/speech is synchronised to the change in the document display.
> This is not the same as playing a sound sequence when first displaying
> a document, since the link might have been to another section within
> the same document.
> To get this to work, we need an additional URL attribute in the <A>
> and <LINK> elements. How about something like:
>     <A HREF="#prologue" PLAY="">The Prologue</A>
> I have used PLAY here rather than say SOUND since we may want to invoke
> some animation e.g. a talking head in front of the main document rather
> than just a simple sound sequence.

This would mean that if you wanted to change the accompanying effects
you would have to change all pointers.  Perhaps what we really need is
URLs that point to a group of files which should be fetched and
presented simultaneously (a "compound node" in the terminology of the
Dexter hypertext reference model).  I don't know enough about HTTP,
but possibly a variant of Content-type: multipart could be used here?

--Guido van Rossum, CWI, Amsterdam <>