Re: heretical suggestion

Paul "S." Wain <>
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 10:38:38 --100
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Subject: Re: heretical suggestion
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@ On a more serious (and somewhat unrelated) note:  
@ I would really like to get forms clients to send the 
@ value of the "submit" button selected to the server.  This
@ will enable multiple "submit" buttons to performs different functions
@ on the same data.  Maybe a separate attribute is needed to specify
@ whether or not to send the submit value so that existing forms
@ are not broken.  There was alot of discussion about this when
@ Xmosaic forms first came out but I don't think anything happened
@ with it.  

Erm, yes, What did happen to this? I vaguely remember seeing some forms
that had this feature... but I may be mistaken, since Im not awake this
morning :) 

Anyway what Im trying to say is a big YES we need this feature. Multiple
submits would be a very powerful tool to have. 

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