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"Kevin 'Kev' Hughes" <kevinh@eit.COM>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 1994 22:50:13 -0800
From: "Kevin 'Kev' Hughes" <kevinh@eit.COM>
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Subject: Re: minimal HTML
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> Good question -- are you now an ex-HCC person?  By the way, I tried
> to connect to them recently -- server down -- no longer your server?
> /rich

	I'm no longer at HCC, but am now working in Palo Alto for EIT.
From time to time I may be checking HCC's web server as I migrate some
services over the EIT's web, but I'm no longer involved in long or
short-term maintenance of Honolulu Community College's site. Ken
Hensarling (, HCC's Director of Academic
Computing, is the new webmaster, but he really has a lot to do!
	Hawaii has been having flaky/slow connections lately. As
just about everything goes through the University of Hawaii system, it's
prone to ethernet card failures and the like. It comes with the
	I'm now the webmaster of EIT's site - I'm not quite done
putting all the finishing touches and services on it, but I'll
announce it when I'm ready, any day now!

	-- Kevin

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