Customer Group One Document Index

Group Members:

  • Angus Ainslie
  • Hugh Arai
  • Chi Chan
  • Lin Chung
  • Ken Chuong
  • Gabriele Ehnes-Lilly
  • Alexander Gierus
  • Charanjeet Jugdev
  • Natalie Simpson
  • Dean Skelton
  • Blair Whitford
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    Document List

    Informal Requirements Specification- Jan 16th
    Functional Specification and Management Plan -Jan 25
    - Submitted by Supplier Group One.
    Annotated Functional Specification -Jan 30
    - with Customer Group One's concerns and clarifications.
    Overall Design Document -Feb 12
    -Submitted by Supplier Group One.
    Customer Group One's annotations to the Overall Design Document - Jan 15
    Detailed Design Document (Test Plan) -Mar 5
    -Submitted by Supplier Group One
    User Manual -March 14
    -Submitted by Supplier Group One
    Customer Group One's Annotations to the User Manual-Mar 19
    Our Final Product Evaluation-Mar 28